Friday, August 30, 2013

Overcoming that Funk.

Hey there!! I have been MIA for a bit. Lots going on last week and was just in a funk. Had to put my big girl panties on and just face life head on! :)
I felt like I was having some set backs with PT because the hip/glute was still tight last week so we stuck with the stretches that I had been doing and then the heat/stim as well.

Then I got to spend a fab weekend with the mister and some of our friends at a local winery/brewery

my favorite wine!

And Tuesday this week I got great news at PT... I could finally start to move on to strengthening exercise!! YAY!

I was able to do some strengthening with the band, balancing exercises as well as step ups. :) I was excited to finally start moving forward. 
And then I worked that night... EEK! I had some pain and had to ice my hip a couple times throughout my shift but overall not super uncomfortable. I was able to make it through two shifts only taking Advil once! I had PT again today and was able to do the same strengthening exercises again and it felt good. I did have some popping but no pain in the hip area during the step ups but Aischa reassured me that it is probably swelling in that area and the fact that the hip is still fairly weak. And It still felt great afterwards finishing with ice/stim (prob my fav part) 
Where I spend my mornings twice a week...
Ice/Stim :)

            This was Stim from today before they put my ice pack on. :)

And I will keep on with my stretches at home and I am going to try and incorporate some stationary bike and elliptical this weekend.

I did order a Stretch it Out band like I use at PT and I have a foam roller to work with as well!

So I just have to keep my mind right and focus on my recovery so that I can get back out there and lace up those running shoes! :) 



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