Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's almost over I promise!

And by far the most memorable race to date... The Hot Chocolate 15K that was at the National Harbor in early DEC!!
For starters... there are only 2 ways in to this place if you dont take the metro (which we didn't) So the bottom left pic is just before Bre and I got our "warm-up" in by running down the highway for about a mile to make it to where the race started leaving our husbands to make their way to find parking... :) Love them!! <3
We then ventured to find the bathrooms (otherwise known as the 2 porta-potties placed furtherest away from the start line and conveniently located next to the woods. Needless to say the line was forever long and we didn't think we would make it through the line in time for our start time... so we made our way to the woods! And we weren't the only ones... haha. 
The start time was pushed back due to all the traffic delays, the 5K was directed to go the wrong direction and ended up turning around and running into the on coming runners so the 15K was delayed a little bit more. And then FINALLY we were off.... only to realize that miles 3-6 were going to be run on the highway... next to traffic!! The run by the water was a great view!! And then the finish... UP HILL!! Sheesh!! But I finished fairly well and had a 15K under my belt before the half! 
Needless to say The Hot Chocolate Race was NOT asked back to the National Harbor this year! haha. 


And here it was... what I had been waiting for/working hard to get to for just about a year. I was beyond nervous but had lots of Love and Support that day :) I was so lucky to have one of my best friends, my parents and the mister and Team Emily there to cheer me on. 
It was St. Patrick's Day weekend... hints all the green and my husbands funny leprechaun shirt so it made for a very festive atmosphere. There were bands along the course every few miles and part of the course was through a neighborhood so many people had made signs to cheer people on and set up water/gatorade stands as well. It was great motivation throughout the whole thing. 
I finished well (for my first half marathon) keeping a 9:45-10:15 pace throughout the whole thing. :) 
I almost forgot to pause the Garmin after crossing the finish line... EEK
And the sign my parents made me! :)
Team Emily.  (Megan and Fiona) 

The end... haha. Well the end of this post that is!  

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Running! 

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  1. We are still Team Emily...or should I say Uh-Ni-Mee???