Monday, August 19, 2013

A new love for Ice Packs.

So I finished my first week of physical therapy... 2 days. So maybe this was me the 1st day...

On day two I met the second therapist that I will be working with Aischa. She was super nice but was dealt the task to start my stretching exercises and also to get me on the stationary bike and afterwards she quickly became my worst nightmare! Ha. Just kidding she was really great. She noticed that while I don't lack a lot of strength in my hip/quads I do lack flexibility it those areas. We started out with the the ultrasound therapy, then the roller stick (aka the devil)
I cringe when I see this but......                    


It really does feel good yet painful at the same time. 

Then she did massage, and the heat/stim therapy (I'll work on getting some picks of things while I am there!) After that she had me doing some stretches with the Stretch It Out band  as well as some basic stretches that I'd normally do before running and then finished with 10minutes on the stationary bike. I thought I was doing really well until about 8 minutes into the bike and I could tell the hip was just tired. It started to ache quite a bit so once I was done I did 5 minutes of ice therapy before heading home. 

The ice packs there were pretty large (like this one)  and able to cover my hip and glute.  I need these for home!! :)
I did get the go ahead to do some low impact exercising as long as I can tolerate it WITHOUT any pain. That means eliptical and stationary bike here I come :) And the August workout is on hold for the time being. But I will definitely pick it back up when I get the ok from my therapists. 
Last night my workout was being on my feet for 12hrs at work... and today I am feeling it! :/ The hip is definitely achey and tight. So I'll be stretching before bed and may break out the small ice packs. 

Therapy this week is on Wednesday and Thursday... Hopefully doing two days in a row wasn't a mistake though they assured me that it is ok as long as I don't schedule it like that too often (this will be the only week I do that) :)

This seems to be logo everywhere! Not Funny!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week. Happy Monday!! :) 


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