Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Starting my Challenge(s) Aug 1st!

Hey All!!
I am sure many of you have heard about Visalus and their 90 day challenge... I have been having their shakes post workouts and pre- night shift snack for about a little over a month now. I decided that I needed to get myself back on track and Get It Done. So I jumped on board and I am taking their 90 day challenge starting Aug 1st. I contacted a friend of mine who I went to high school with and her hubs is a personal trainer and she and him are also a Distributors with Visalus. They have a great team under them and they are very upbeat and positive so I thought I'd join in. Her hubs also sent me a meal plan and a 13 week exercise regimen as well. So Here Goes Nothing... I am going ALL IN. :)
On top of starting my 90 day challenge, I also start my 6 weeks of Physical Therapy on August 5th. Yipee!! I have 7 sessions scheduled through the end of August... then I will have 5 more in Sept. Fingers crossed this helps my IT band issues.

Check it out... its the only shake mix that tastes like cake mix!! :)
Lots of fun combinations to make so you never get bored with your post workout shakes. 

I also think that while I am "challenging" myself on things I am going to re-start my Squat Challenge. I was really good about doing this pre-Hawaiian Vacation and then sort of fell off the train after. Time to hop back on!! :)

Are there any "Fitness Challenges" that you do each month?!

Have a great week!! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting back in the Running Game.

Well its been quite a struggle to decide whether or not to blog about my running/training and the struggles Ive encountered over the last year and a half. But after seeing what an enormous running community and support system there is out there, I thought What the Heck.

So here goes... hope I'll be able to take you on this journey with me to keep me motivated and to make friends along the way!! :)

Happy Running!!