Friday, September 6, 2013

Did you say "RUN".. (in my Swirlgear) Yes Please!

So I am halfway through my physical therapy and this week has been great! My hip is feeling good and Ive not been having as much pain/discomfort! And my therapist on Wednesday said the word "RUNNING" and while she did precede it with "we will work back up to" All my ears heard was "RUN" I was so excited.... I definitely think this was my face!

And today at therapy I moved up to doing more strengthening/balancing exercises and even got to do the elliptical! She said if all goes well over the next couple days then I'll be able to do the treadmill on Monday!  
As much as I hate treadmill running, I will take it if it gets me back on the right track! YAY!

So all in all I would say this had been a successful week! :) 

Now I just wanted to chat a bit about Swirl Gear.
Many of you probably know that I am a Brand Ambassador for Swirlgear, a company that empowers woman by creating running apparel for women runners, by women runners. They are a brand new, women owned company out of Chicago and they need our help to get the word out there about our fundraising campaign on to produce the much anticipated, next line of apparel... and there are "special incentives" for your (much appreciated) contribution!! 

Here is our link on   Check it out
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Swirlgear! 

This company is amaze! They are now a 100% woman owned company! SwirlGear was created to give women some fun, cute, comfortable workout gear so that we have a chance to stand out in the crowd! I've chatted a lot with their Senior Manager and she is awesome, very helpful and so down to earth! Once I got word that I would be an Ambassador I then got to talk with Office Manager as well as the Regional Manager in my area. These ladies are amazing!! :) 

They are still looking for more Awesome ladies to represent SwirlGear...

Are you a motivated woman that's passionate about health and wellness? Do you enjoy receiving great incentives and being part of a supportive running community? Then you should become a Swirlgear Brand Ambassador! Contact Amy Shelton at or Marisa Flores at for more information.

And if you'd like to check out their products feel free to check out their website and use the code "SWIRLON" for free shipping! I cant wait to get my Pink Running Hoodie! :) 

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!