Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 1 of Physical Therapy.

And so it continues... The work schedule seems to be keeping me from doing anything that I need/want to do. Oh the woes of being a night shift RN!

So Sleepy!

So now to play catch up! I have been trying to keep up with the August Workout posted on a previous post. I had to combine a few exercises into one day on Saturday at the gym so I just made it a full on leg day... knowing good and well that I would be paying for it later! It felt great to get in a full workout and cardio. I love the burn.. 

And then...  

So I did the penguin waddle for a couple days at work and cut down my water intake because it took so long for me to sit down to go pee haha. Just kidding, the hospital is too dry to not drink! 

Anyways I just prayed that it if I stretched it out that it would hopefully go away before my first PT session today! And Eh, I was a little too optimistic but I HAD to get this new chapter started so I could get myself back to training for long races and heck just back to running in general! 
My first session went great! I love my therapist Dianne already. She was great. Started out with just the eval to establish my baseline. Then we did some ultrasound therapy, stretches and then some heat/stim therapy. All in all was a great session and I can already feel a little improvement in my hip/IT band this evening. I can wait to bust out these next 6 weeks and get myself back to being healthy and strong!
Here is where I will be spending 2 days a week for 6 weeks...

I am actually excited... I really think that it will get me back in my running shoes!

So... is this how any of you other runners feel about injuries...
because I definitely had this reaction!

Hope every one is having a great week! 


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