Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So Much to be Thankful For.

Might be a little late for posting this but thing were so busy right before Thanksgiving that I wasn't able to get it all done and the blog took a back seat.
We got to spend almost a whole week at home with the family for Thanksgiving! It was amazing. :) I love love love being at home with our family and friends though its hard sometimes to fit all of our visiting in to our trips.
I am thankful that we had an uneventful drive home. Thankful that I got to spend some much needed time with the 'rents. Thankful that I got to celebrate a BUCKEYE WIN!!! YAY. Thankful that everyone is healthy and happy at home!
Since we've been back we've both been trying to really clean up our eating habits and start back on our gym/workout routines. (And by we I mean me and the hubs) 
Ive started adding in a couple new workout plans that I have gotten through personal trainers and think that incorporating the two of them will be awesome!! One is a Booty Blasting workout and the other a full body. Each are 12week long programs so I definitely think that working them together along with my running will give great results! I can't wait to start documenting the progress. :) 

In other AWESOME news… Our running group "Diamonds and Laces" was accepted into the Nike Women's Half Marathon DC 2104!! AMAZE! We are all so excited. There are 9 of us and one girl ran it last year and said it was a great time. I can't wait. :) 

I have also been doing T25… still have some foot pain after doing it and so thought Id talk with a few ladies from Beach Body to see if they had heard of the same issues…. turns out I'm not alone… and it all has to do with the SHOES!
Seems I not only need to buy new running shoes but also shoes to do some cross training in. :) Who doesn't love a reason to buy new shoes!! LOL. I am sure the mister will be pleased to hear that I not only need 1 pair of shoes but 2. He'll think its a conspiracy haha. But must abide but what is best for the workout. Right??
Do you use different shoes for cross training/weight lifting and running?? Id love some recommendations! 
I've been running in Mizunos for about a year but I am on the lookout for something new. I need a little bit of support in the shoe but something light as well. :) I am coming off the IT band and bursitis issue and definitely CANNOT be sidelined again! 

What are your workout goals this winter… how will you avoid that holiday sweets/LBS!! 

Have a great evening. 

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